NEWS 2008
At the Bavariawerf in Lelystad, The Netherlands, the painting "Tranoy" will be auctioned in occasion of the charity fundraising for the project of Olaf Oosterman, carrier of the illness of Marfan.
Opening of the exhibition of the Maestro's nautical works, including the weathervane, and signature and presentation of the book "Esprit de la voile" (by Philippe Payen, edition Cheminements) which includes numerous reproductions of Franco's sailing images at Maison de la Mer , quai de la Fosse, Nantes. The exhibition will last
until September 22th. For info:
In Barbizon, France, during the "L'Art en Fete" Monsieur Daniel Couturier presents his collection of more than 40 different weathervanes, including Franco's, at the Salle de Fetes, at la Mairie de Barbizon, 13 Rue Grande.
Dubai. From today the gallerie Walentowski (Hamburg) is representing some of Franco's originals at the "Galerie in the Dubai Mall" - Burj Dubai Downtown
Franco receives the price "Premio Internazionale Professionalità" in presence of top professional people, Serrone, Italy.
01/07/2008 to 31/07/2008
Franco's originals and graphics are shown at Gaeste- und Veranstallungszentrum in Busum, Germany.
Also this year the Maestro is present with his art works and posters at the Kieler Woche. The first presentation of his art calendar 2009 happens here.
Nordteam, Kieler-weinedition, is presenting its Prosecco at Segelcamp24/sieben, Kiel, Reventlouwiese. The bottles carry the label with the original that Franco created especially for the edition.
12/06/2008 to 01/08/2008
Galleri Ellen Kwam shows the Maestro's work together with a new collection of jewellery, Oslo, Norway.
29/05/2008 - September 2008
The Maestro is having an exhibition at the Buergenstock Hotels, Buergenstock, Switzerland.
Franco Costa participates to Italiarts, an event organised by the Italian Institute of Culture at the Europa Passage, Hamburg, Germany
12/05/2008 - 15/06/2008
The Maestro is showing some of his works in a Travelling Exhibition that will take place in three different places at different times:
12/05/2008 Clubhaus Wassersport-Vereinigung Moenkeberg, Moenkeberg, Germany;
16/05/2008 - 01/06/2008 Clubhaus Golf - Club Kitzeberg, Kitzeberg, Germany;
06/06 - 15/06/2008 Clubhaus Moeltenorter Seglerkamerads, Moeltenorter, Germany;
An exhibition of the Maestro Franco Costa and the sculptor Giorgio Fanasca will take place only for two days , at the "Open Day" of Banca Mediolanum in Genzano di Roma, Italy; opening hours 10.00 -19.00.
23/05/2008 - 23/07/2008
Franco Costa is going to have an exhibition at Uwe Hechelman Real Estate in Lindau, Bodensee, Germany
Franco Costa will celebrate his twenty years in Kiel with a series of events starting at the Statt-Café in the new town hall in Kiel, Germany.
His painting 20 YEARS OF FRANCO COSTA IN KIEL is a way to celebrate this beautiful period of time.
14/03/08 - 19/03/2008
Franco Costa at the Salon du livre, Paris, France, with his painting "Southern Ocean Wave", 2001, as the cover of the book: L'esprit de la voile by Philippe Payen.
Stand G31. See also
09/03/2008 - 30/04/2008
The Maestro Franco Costa will expose his weather vanes at the exhibition "Du vent dans les Girouettes", Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne, Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium.
The Maestro Franco Costa will participate with a small exhibition to the celebrations of the 125th Jubilee of the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club at the En Cafe´, Oslo, Norway.
It will be possible to find him there in the following days, signing his artworks.

The Maestro Franco Costa will be guest of the Associazione Culturale "Rocca d'oro" that takes care of the International Prize for Professionals in Serrone (FR), Italy, for the presentation of his latest work: "Peace in the Mediterranean".

16/02/2008 - 18/02/2008
Franco Costa will be present on 20 January 2008 from 11 to 12 and from 16 to 17 at the Scheepskamer Van Heeg stands 7.D10 and 7.D12 at the Boot in Dusseldorf, Germany. On show are exclusively his originals ...
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06/02/2008 - 02/04/2008
Franco Costa will have an exhibition in the Galerie Kunst Nesse, Leer, Germany, from the 6 February to the 2 April

Franco costa will participate to the art fair Vitarte, Viterbo, Italy, from the 16 to the 18 February with his own stand exhibition only his originals.

The painting "Lighthouse in Friedrichsort" has been auctioned in December 2007 by Yacht, the German magazine. The proceeds will be destined to handicapped sailors