The countless works of art created by Franco Costa, reflect his vivacious personality and joy of life. His paintings, the silkscreens and the sculptures; express his creative energy and his optimism through a harmony of brilliant colors, spaces, and of lines and curved shapes.
He has earned a worldwide following from his international art, that varies from natural landscapes, flowers, marine views, sailing, tennis, skiing, horseback riding, car races; and now the colors for the World Championship of Fireworks, planned from the 2nd to the 6th of August 2006, in Valmontone, (Rome).
Born in Rome, Costa studied at the “Classical” high school (Liceo Massimo di Roma) run by the Jesuits, and studied harmony and the violin for fifteen years at the Accademia Romana di Santa Cecilia.
He studied French language and French literature in Geneva, architecture in Zurich e attended the l’Ecole Des Artes et Metiers in Paris.
His art has been influenced especially by his encounters with Matisse, Nicolas de Stael, Le Corbisier, Federico Fellini and Picasso.
He has travelled much, all over the world, to get inspiration for his art, which – he says - reflects “the Brotherhood of humanity”.
Costa adds: “the works previously created by me and those created especially for the Caput Lucis 2006, have a common denominator – Peace”.
When the Israeli Prime Minister Rabin commissioned me – for the anniversary of the Holocaust – to create a painting that he wanted to donate to Pope John Paul II, the project aroused enthusiasm in me, because it could lead towards the Peace and help resolve the problems of the Palestinian and Israeli people, forever in conflict”.
In 1996, Franco Costa collaborated with the Fao – United Nations - and created various works of art for the “Food For All” project.
It’s not by chance that also in 2006, Caput Lucis is a event dedicated to social theme that is particularly felt and chosen: the Peace, with the Fao that sponsors the event.
In 1998 the biography “Arte Vita” is published in Germany. Among Costa’s numerous projects, also “2000 children for the year 2000” took off: an initiative through which – with the use of art – children that are luckier, are made aware of the difficult conditions of other needy children. Involving them to act concretely in order to help.

Today, the multifaceted artist, Franco Costa, lives in Genzano di Roma, and spends many months of the year also in Germany.

Written by Maurizio Ayò
(Translated by Daniela Muldoon)